Big Flat Community Grain Bin Set For Adult Education Classes to Begin

For years it seemed every community on the Hi-line had some form of Adult Education Class system in place but about 10-15 years ago they seemed to go by the wayside following increased expenses, shortages of instructors and/or declining enrolment. The Big Flat Community Grain Bin has worked diligently in bringing back an adult Education program to the Big Flat, and despite its small size, the program seems to be flourishing.  

Alyssa Garrett was brought on to serve the Big Flat Community Grain Bin (BFCGB) by the Board of Directors and has served the position well. The Adult Education program was finalized in October of 2022. The BFCGB began accepting applications for the program right away and classes were held in November and December. A woodworking Class instructed by Tom Fairbanks produce some really beautiful pieces of work. A wreath making class was also a big hit with some beautiful wreaths being created. A third class featured stained glass Christmas ornaments with some beautiful pieces being crafted there as well.

Three classes are getting set to get underway, the first is Precision Ag Basics and is described as, "Join our basic course on GPS based guidance and steering, covering GPS accuracy steering types and best practices. Also, basic rate control and monitoring, including liquid systems (sprayers) and granular system components and monitoring." The cost for the class is minimal and covers materials needed. Start date is Thursday, January 26, 2023. The class will run from 5-8 pm in the Turner School Classroom. The class is limited to 20 students and will be instructed by Brent Heiken. The deadline for enrollment is January 20, 2023. This class is also open for high school students to enroll in.

The second class being offered is Agriculture Electrician and is described as, "A class that will cover a wide variety of topics like how to 3-way in a stitch, sizing wires, breakers, troubleshooting wiring issues, and how to read the new volt meters." There is a small enrollment fee. Classes are scheduled to get underway this Thursday, January 19, 2023 from 5-8 pm at the Turner School Classroom and will be instructed by Leif Olson. This class is also available to high school students.

The third course is CPR Certification, "Become certified or renew your current certificate through the American Heart Association. Good for 2 years." Start date is listed as January, 2023 and is limited to a class size of 10 students. The course will be instructed by Shawna Billmayer. This course is not offered to high school students and is primarily designed for the volunteer fire department and similar type of individuals.

When coming up with ideas for Adult Education Classes the BFCGB was proactive in deciding what classes to offer, "This is a farming community so I asked around town what types of classes people would be interested in taking. They can learn new skills or improve existing skills. The GPS course will teach them the best ways to use the equipment most already own. The electrician class that will go over topics that have to do with wiring or electricity around the farm or ranch.

Go to the Big Flat Community Grain Bin Facebook page to download an application and for further information, including class costs.

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